Turtle Beach & Cooking Class

After breakfast, Bob and I plus Lisa and Daisy tuk’d over to Turtle Beach. This time went straight to Santosh’s restaurant and reserved for lunch. Of course we made sure he put the white wine in the fridge. Then down to the rocks at the end of the beach and set up camp.

We spent 3 hours or so swimming in the lagoon and the sea with sunning and reading in between. The sea was really calm today, maybe the calmest I’ve seen at the beach. It is such a beautiful beach and always so quiet. Just idyllic and long may it remain so.

At 115 we walked back to the restaurant and settled down for lunch. We had golden fry prawns (2 plates), golden fry calamari, calamari in butter garlic sauce, rawa oysters and a plate of chips. All absolutely perfect and delicious. Totally fresh and cooked perfectly. Each plate of fish was about £2.40. We had 2 bottles of Sula Sauvignon Blanc and they were £12 each. A very lovely and special lunch, very enjoyable.

Our tuks came back for us at 2:30 and I went back to the hotel and the others went into Chaudi to do some banking and some shopping.

Tonight Lisa and Daisy went to Chef Rahul’s cooking school. It’s a four hour session during which you cook a number of dishes under instruction and then eat them. Cost is £20 per person and it’s well worth it. Daisy really enjoyed the evening and was,buzzing.

The rest of,us,are at Casa.Fiesta on the beach. Stuart had an amazing seafood plate.

A lovely day

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