Farewells, Birthdays and Exciting Arrivals

Joseph and Janet’s time with us is coming to an end……. they leave tomorrow morning. It has gone past so fast…. but they are already booked for next year, as are we…. inshallah…..

Last night we celebrated their stay with sunset cocktails at Boomshankar – a first for Lisa – and then dinner at Little Ganesha. The cocktails were good and accompanied by a colourful sunset. It is very hot at the moment. We had a great time. Dinner was also very good and the prices are just right. I had two vegetable curries and they were yummy. Joseph and Janet both had the superb veggie birianis. Bob says they are the best he’s ever had.

Today was doubly exciting for the Bolers!!!! First, it is Bob’s 74th birthday so a day of celebrating ahead. Lots of good wishes from friends around the world. And, of course, best present of all was the arrival of Lucy and her lovely boyfriend, Geri. Their flight was rescheduled and a bit late but they rocked up at Sea Front by about 1030. We’d already got the keys to their hut and turned on the fan and a/c for them. The Sea Front huts are really nice, furnished well and comfortable. They look out over the garden with a side sea view.

They were in good shape considering the overnight flight – they were on the Air India direct flight from Heathrow. After freshening up, they were out on the beach, on loungers and under the umbrella. Of course they had breakfast and lunch in the shack and several swims. Daisy and Lisa also had breakfast at Sea Front,- monstrously large Special Breakfasts! We all had several swims together and a lot of catching up. Joseph and Janet also enjoyed swims on their last day. The sea is very warm at the moment.

When we got back to Eve’s we found a bunch of lovely flowers in our room for Bob and a chocolate Happy Birthday cake from Marylyn and Clive. How kind of them!!!! We love staying here. It is like a second home.

In the evening we all ate at Sea Front. The boys had made us a big table on the beach with rose and marigold petals scattered across the tablecloth. We had a fantastic evening of great food and drink, great company and much laughter. After our dinner, Vipin our waiter fired off two big shot fireworks in celebration and then served the cake. Bob blew out his candle while we sang Happy Birthday and we all had a slice including Vipin and the fellas. Such a lovely evening even though it was the last time this trip that we shall be 10 in number.