Patnem and Palolem

On Friday we tuk’d to Cozy Nook on Palolem beach with Daisy and Lisa, Lucy and Geri hoping to do the river boat trip for Lisa’s last day and Geri’s first. Unfortunately we were foiled because we are just coming in to the big Holi holiday here and all the boats were out of the water. We had a lovely day anyway beginning with the traditional breakfast of eggs and rosti. Lucy and Geri walked out to the little peninsula whre Bob and I renewed our wedding vows in 2019.

Friday night we ate at Cow Corner which was beautiful as usual. Their special that night was Hungarian Goulash so of course Geri had to have that. It came with an enormous dumpling. He said it was very good. Bob had it too. Most of the rest of us had the chicken with mushroom sauce which is fantastic. Such a pretty place. Lucy had been for a massage at Jaali and bought some lovely clothes in their shop.

Saturday was Lisa’s last day as she was on an evening flight home. She bought a lovely little gold and emerald ring in a jewellers on the beach road. He resized it for her in a couple of hours. A very very hot day – 38C. We were in and out of the sea as much as possible but in the end we fled back to the hotel by about 3. Poor Fi has had a massive and painful blister on her big toe for several days and she is having to keep it dry and out of the sand. Not easy to do here.

Lucy, Bob and Geri all went to Rangoli for masala dosa.

Bob took Geri for a man-bonding experience in the morning ie a trip to the Indian barber on the beach road. They both had shaves and Geri had the full 45 minute facial, massages etc etc. It all cost £8 and they both came out with the softest faces afterwards!!!!!

Lisa departed at 530 for the airport and a long trip home. Such a pleasure to have her company.

Daisy Bob and I went into Palolem at about 7 to get Daisy’s ring which was being resized. In the end it hadn’t been possible because of the little stones in the shank but he had made a stopper ring to hold it in place. We all met up at Dropadi for dinner. Excellent meal as usual. I had prawn masalla which was rich and tasty. Quite a few people had chicken kastoori. We were so full up by the end. A lot of strawberry daquiris were in evidence. Holi has really started and Palolem was busy with Indian holiday makers. It will go on through Tuesday which is the paint throwing day.

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