And Now There Are Four…

And so we are now reduced from our big gang, to just Fi and Stuart, Bob and I. And none the worse for that….. It’s been a lazy few days. Very, very hot and turned also very humid indeed. It is fierce sun and very sweaty conditions. Much more like April than March, but then the weather has been like that all this winter ie a lot hotter than usual.

Bob and Stuart played golf yesterday and the steamy weather must have suited them because they both had their best round this holiday. They will try and play twice more if they can.

We had a day off the beach today. Did some shopping, had a bite out and then came back and spent the afternoon in the blissful a/c with our books. Have started the negotiation process for a few things I didn’t get today. There’s still time.

Bob had a shave and also called in at the tailor’s to check on Geri’s dinner suit which will be ready on Saturday. The shave and head massage is a real bargain at £1.50.

Have eaten at a few places – ticking off “lasts” now…… Namaste one night, Laguna Vista another and tonight the uber pretty Kala Bahia. The last two are both bordering Colomb Bay. Tonight’s meal at Ksla Bahia was our most expensive meal to date at about £34 but it did include 4 large gin and tonics as well as super food. I had a fritto misto, Bob had stuffed calamari. Really nice meal.and good for a specialish night out. We saw a wedding there the other night and it is a great venue for that.

Bob has cracked a filling so tomorrow he is going to the dentist in Palolem – the Singing Dentist. Will let you know how it goes but he’s had work done there before and it was very successful. 10 days from now we get back to the UK. It’s going to be quite a contrast.