Getting to the End

Less than a week to go now till we return to England and our winter in the sun is over. We have continued to do “lasts”. We had a day in Palolem, starting with breakfast at Zest…. Lovely breakfast. I had blueberry pancake with ricotta cheese. Delicious. It’s all a bit yummy mummy there during the day. Lots of young single mums from London (apparently) drinking healthy juices, negated by smoking, and looking far too great in their bikinis for my liking LOL!!!! Nice day anyway.

Bob went to the dentist. Apparently he hasn’t lost a filling but he has got a bit of an infection under one tooth so was prescribed some antibiotics. The dentist said the tooth is not long for this world and a bridge is not on option. His advice was to have it extracted in Cyprus in September and then in January next he will fit an implant which can be finalised before we leave at the end of March. It will cost a fraction of the UK price.

Had our last dinner at Sea front and said goodbye to our longterm waiter, Vipin, who has gone back to Rishikesh to meet his new daughter and participate in her naming ceremony.

Last night we ate in Cow Corner for the last time – one last taste of the chicken steaks with mushroom sauce and of course the Tickle Gin. We’d gone to Margao in the day so that I could get my nails done. I’d tried to keep going till I got home but they really were too long…..

Today Bob had the start of a cold and stayed at Eves. I had the day at the beach and went to the little beauty shop to get a leg wax and a pedicure . Such a good value. Tonight we went to Ciarans to hear the Italian couple sing and play one more time. They are so nice and so talented.

It’s a lot quieter here now. The beach and the lane are sooo quiet…. lovely…. like it used to be 12 years ago….

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