Candy’s Birthday and Goan Sunsets

The weather remains hot and now the March wind (or what I think of as the March wind) has started. It’s a heat wind. In the mornings there is little or no wind; Then around midday, it suddenly starts to blow – off the sea and onto the beach. Very stiff wind often causing the parasols to rattle and sometimes take off. It dies down again by sunset as the land cools down.

Bob’s cold has continued but he’s on the mend and I too now have a bit of a cough but no other symptoms. Hopefully it won’t develop but it would have been a miracle if I hadn’t got it I suppose.

We have eaten on the beach the last few nights. Once at Zest in Palolem and once at Casa Fiesta. Both times against stunning sunset skies. The wind has cleared off any traces of dust haze and the skies are much clearer again – great star and planet shows. It’s lovely eating on the beach. I had a fabulous pizza at Zest – naughty for me. It was gorgonzola, pear, walnut, mozzarella….. absolutely delicious. Last night at Casa fiesta I had a last palak paneer….sigh…. and 2 giant tiger prawns – now fallen to £2 each.

The shops on beach road are starting to close down. I bought a couple of last tthings in the Kashmiri shops. They will all go back home next week as Ramadan starts tonight and it is too hot to work and fast when there are not many tourists left. They’ll be back towards the end of October.

Today Bob had a last golf game with Stuart up at the Lalit. He’s enjoyed their games up there although his play has shown the lack of practice in recent years. He needs to play more at home over the summer and probably get a few lessons too.

Today is also Candace’s – Candy’s – 3rd birthday. She is the adorable daughtter of Clive and Marylyn who own Eve’s Resort. We were very honoured to be invited to her birthday party tonight. We’d brought her a Peppa Pig readalong book with us from the UK. it’s one of those that has little pictures on every page which match buttons on the side of the book. As a first pre-reading task the child listens to the story being read but when you get to a little picture, they have to match it to the button, press it and the book makes an appropriate noise!!!! ie if its a dog, the book barks !!!! Obviously the book is in English but she is already speaking a lot of words and phrases in English as well as being fluent in Konkani of course which is what the family speak at home. I hope she enjoys it anyway.

It was a lovely occasion. So many family members from Margao, Canada, USA….. a lovely, lovely occasion. Marylyn made an excellent speech of welcome, the buffet was delicious and there was a lovely cake. A fitting celebration for their princess after the covid years when no one could get together. Candace looked so pretty in her dress and was very well behaved – a little overwhelmed with all her gifts. I guess it will take a few days for her to take them all in. We had a super night and felt so honoured to be there.