Marmalade and Dinners

The day before yesterday I began making up a batch of marmalade from 4 large oranges (3 lbs) and 2 large lemons (1/2 lb). Yes, I still work in a strange mix of Imperial, American and metric measurements. I am a child of the 50s and make no apology, follow along!!!!!

First I sliced the fruit into thin half moons, discarding the pips. Then I added them to a large lidded pan, added 8 cups (2 litres) of water and 8 cups (1.6kg) granulated sugar. I brought it to the boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Put the lid on and turned the heat off and left to soak 24 hours. Then, yesterday, I brought it back to the boil, turned down the heat and left to simmer uncovered for 2 hours. Brought it back to a good high boil until a cooking thermometer read 104.5 to 105C and held it there a few minutes. Turned the heat off and let it cool a bit and ladled into sterilised warmed kilner jars or jam jars. Mine filled 4 large ones. This marmalade is delicious and chunky but the peel is very soft after the cooking and just delicious. Not bitter. When the jars were cooled I put them in the fridge. The marmalade can take 24 to 48 hours to set completely. Mine was ready this morning and we had it on toasted ciabiatta bread…. Just heavenly. The best marmalade I have ever made and no messing about with muslin cloths!!! Have a go!! You won’t regret it.

In between this I got my nails done down the hill at the little salon next to the Soulist bar. They are excellent. Mostly Ukrainian girls. I chose a white mother of pearl effect polish. Looks especially lovely under water in the pool, like seashells.

Last night Bob and I went for dinner at the Spice Restaurant at the very posh Lord’s Palace hotel in Kyrenia. We won the dinner as a prize in a raffle. You might think the Spice Restaurant was Indian but in fact it’s their main buffet style restaurant. I’ve had lunch there a few times as part of a spa day but dinner was hugely better. There were so many lovely offerings, arranged in a beautiful presentation. I really enjoyed some huge huge king prawns and also succulent cold poached salmon. Later, tiny meatballs with apricots, roasted lamb, kofte and the desserts were the best I have ever seen. Their pastry chef is outstanding. As well as the food, you could order cocktails, wine etc. We enjoyed it so much we enquired how much it was, thinking we would return. Amazing. 420 tl except for Sunday, when it is 470. That’s £17 to £19. A huge bargain for the quality, selection and the ambiance.

Today is very hot again and we’ve both spent it around and in the pool. Absolutely gorgeous and well deserved by Bob at least who has worked a lot over the past couple of weeks.

It’s now hot during the day and our lower garden really comes into it’s own as a shady place to linger with a book, under the trees. We have two adirondack chairs at the end of the garden looking down to the sea over the ravine. It’s a great place for a sundowner and often you can hear the goats down in the ravine below, baa-ing and jingling their bells.

Tonight we went up to Hoots Bistro in Ilgaz village with our neighbours and friends, Alan and Lesley. Had a massive catchup as they have been in England, and a lovely meal of roast lamb with all the trimmings. It’s very nice up there and so handy to the house. We ate outside which was great.