Quizes and Lunches

Yesterday we had a jaunt out to Kayalar and the wild west of the island with our friends, Mike and Linda. We picked them up in Karsyaka where they have a lovely house amongst the olive groves. The drive along the edge of the sea cliffs is spectacular and we went as far as the little fishermen’s chapel, beyond Kayalar where we stopped for a walk. Explored the other buildings on the beach there. It’s a lovely spot.

The highlight of our trip was to have lunch at one of our favourite places, Horseshoe Bay. I was so looking forward to it. But then…… horror of horrors….. we arrived to find the restaurant totally demolished!!!! No idea what is going on or if it is gone forever or being rebuilt. I do hope it comes back.

Well, we had to eat…. so we drove back to Vasili Beach and ate there. It’s a nice stretch of beach and the restaurant is ok. But nothing in comparison with Horseshoe Bay.

Last night we went to the quiz at Alvodar bar. It was packed. Our neighbours, Alan and Lesley, came with us and we met Linda and Mike, Ann and Roger, Pamela and Eddie there. Not as successful as when we went 2 weeks ago but it was fun. We didn’t eat dinner as we had eaten at lunch but I must say I noticed the fish and chips looked very nice indeed.

Hot again today so we stayed around the pool except for a couple of errands. Bob got the new tv instructions printed and laminated and he went to Dr Varis to review his ct scan. Good news, it is all totally benign and some sort of little calcified node floating in his neck. Nothing to be done and he can’t feel it in any way. The doctor wants him to come back in October for an ultrasound just to make sure it isn’t growing. Great news.

I stayed home overseeing the garden and waiting for someone to come and repair the solenoid on the watering system. In time honoured fashion, the man didn’t come. Annoying.

Ate in tonight. Watched Queen Charlotte, the Bridgerton spinoff.