Last Pool Day and BBQ

Today was our last real leisure day before we fly home on Friday. It was another hot one and we planned to be out around the pool all day – which mostly we achieved. We took the odd break away to pack some of our kitchen stuff and private things into the lockup, but other than that…..

In fact, Bob had gone down to the Nature Garden centre in Alsancak first thing as a final attempt to get them to come up and fix the electrical fault with the automatic watering system they’d installed last year. The guy who runs it always seems so genuine and nice but this has just been terrible. I can’t count the times I’ve visited, phoned etc and the number of promises “we will come up later”….. well…… later just ran out. Again he promised Bob that they would come at 4pm and of course that passed…… We were utterly amazed when a chap arrived at 530 from them. Yes, he announced it is the solenoid on line 4 and he will come back and fix it…. not tomorrow…. but in the next couple of days…. YIKES. We have had to put the gardener and house manager onto it. We have to have the water running but we equally can’t have the pump burning out. Bit of a lesson learned. We are planning to have some of our land landscaped in the next year or so and were thinking of going to them…. not anymore….

The rest of the day was spent in the pool or around it. Lovely day for swimming. So hot.

This evening after the electrician departed, we had a last bbq out on the pool terrace. Lovely burgers and sausages plus grilled peppers, onions and Bob had some chips. A beautiful evening, everything looking lovely.

Tomorrow, we pack in earnest and Bob has canasta in the afternoon. In the evening we are out with friends.

It’s been a brilliant stay and we are always so sad to leave. One last blog to come no doubt.

We sat out tonight and enjoyed the stars over the pool and the lovely lights along the patio. These gourd lights are so beautiful. Lovely and warm out now at night, even as it grows late. A pleasure to sit out on the couches, drinking a last drink and just counting our blessings.