Last Days

Our last days in Estepona were spent on the beach and at the pool. Lovely relaxing days. We ate in. Delicious scallops and fine asparagus one night, wagyu steaks with salad, the other.

Today was another lovely day. I enjoy the views from the hills so much. Estepona has been a real eye opener to us. Absolutely lovely place, still with some Spanish atmosphere. Not fake. We will certainly return.

Stayed at the pool till 4 and then showered, closed the cases and set off about 5. Taking a lovely bottle of brandy and one of sherry home for when I can share them again. Also lots of jamon, sardines and a special tortilla.

All went smoothly en route, dropped car T the airport, got to the desk 3 hours before as directed….. And then….. The wait…… No one there for 40 mins then a guy turned up and started checking Club World in. No one else. As 1 hour passed another person turned up and began checking us in. Sigh…. BA are shambolic. No info. Hope we get home. Thanks for reading