Travelling to Cyprus

We were flying out of Stansted with Pegasus Airlines this time. A short 65 minute changeover in Izmir. The flights were smooth. Tedious as is the usual case with flying these days, but uneventful. We arrived in Ercan airport at 910pm. The new terminal building is huge, absolutely cavernous. The runway is now the longest on the island. Plenty of immigration desks open and multiple baggage carousels. Very different from the old Ercan.

Ozzie’s cousin was waiting for us at arrival with our hire car and he drove us in it to the villa where we did the contract and paid up. Gunray car rental are always so nice. Although it was about 11pm it was still very hot. We could easily, on another night, have gone for a swim.

We just unpacked a bit and turned in.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day. I just never tire of the views from here. The weather is gorgeous. Still in the 30s here and cloudless. We had quite a busy morning. The house was immaculately clean and tidy but somehow over a summer of renting, things get moved around a lot. Food storage changes from one cupboard to another. Chairs move upstairs. The kettle and the coffee machine change places….. We moved everything back to where we like them and then finished unpacking both our suitcases and our private store cupboards. One suitcase was full of things we were bringing out for the villa – new duvet sets, a wooden elephant carving from India….. all sorts. We are also armed with about 200 Nespresso capsules. You can buy clones here but not the real thing.

Then we headed out to the Ileli supermarket and did a mega shop and also called at the Y Belli farmer”s market to buy a whole load of vegetables. Melons are in glut so we bought a cantaloup melon to try. Got a load of shopping ready for our visitors who arrive on Sunday. By the time we got back it was 2pm and soooo hot. We gave up work for the rest of the days and lay out on our fabulous new pool loungers – very comfortable I must say. Spent quite a bit of time in the pool. I would estimate the temperature of the water is about 29C. Very nice. We both fell asleep so we must have been tired.

Tonight we went out for dinner with our neighbours, Alan and Lesley, and our ex neighbours, Mick and Christine, who are here on 3 weeks holiday. We went to a favourite restaurant, Dogus Adres, which is on the edge of the sea in Karaoglanoglu. Such a lovely dinner. There is so much food. First you get a whole host of meze dishes: hummus, tzatiki, tahini, breads, olives, a big salad, chips, potato slices, hot cheese and then your main course. I had a fish cooked in foil which was delicious. The others all had steaks of one kind or another – looked good. Then they bring you platters of fruit and desserts, finally coffee and brandy or a liquor. With wine, beer and g&ts it came to about £30 per couple. Quite expensive by Cypriot standards but well worth it for the quantity and quality of the experience. I am trying to be very careful and tonight I was successful!

Anyway, a lovely first day, back here in our happy place.

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