Busy Day and a Party

We are hoping to completely renovate the downstairs cloakroom/loo while we are here. So, this morning our first job was to set off east towards Catalkoy to visit the Pakdus bathroom store – they fitted out our two main bathrooms when we renovated them about 5 years ago.

We had a few stops on the way. Frankly, we had been so concentrating on the things we were bringing out for the house this time that our packing was a bit remiss. I found that I hadnt brought enough t shirts and Bob had failed to pack any sandals at all. !!! So our first stop was Lc Waikiki a large fashion store on the bypass. They are a major Turkish chain, perhaps a bit like Next in size and scale. I managed to get 3 nice t shirts for about £4 each and Bob got a pair of sandals for £9. We also stopped at various stores to try and buy waste bins for the bedrooms. Finally found some that weren’t too vile or too expensive and got them.

Found some good loo options at Pakdus – we just have to measure up now and get their quote. We will progress that in October after our visitors have gone. Also called in at Mermaid fabrics to get samples of material for the master bedroom. Later in our stay we will have it re-decorated and have new curtains, blind and headboard.

We are obviously befuddled by the heat because we called into Turkcell phone shop to get a local sim for my phone but had forgotten to take my passport so couldn’t do that.

It was so hot again, 39C yesterday so we came home, had a bit of lunch and then went back to Turkcell and sorted that out. It’s £10 for 30 days with international and local calls and data. Well worth it.

In the evening we went to a fabulous party at our friends, Deborah and David’s, house in Alsancak. We drove Alan and Lesley. It was a great do. They had their garden, pool and terrace re-landscaped last year and it’s a super job. The pool is lined with irridescant glass mosaic tiles in various shades of blue and they look brilliant. The food was great, drinks flowing and great company. Lots of people we knew and it was great to catch up on news from the summer. Still very hot even at night.

We got home at about midnight. All ready for Fran, Dave, Bobo and Janet to arrive tomorrow.

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