Beautiful Beach Day

Today we had a fantastic day at the beach. We went to one of our nearest beaches – Escape Beach which is about 10 to 15 minutes drive from our house.

The weather is just lovely again – cloudless and hot. It cost 150 tl (£5) to use all the beach facilities ie showers, lockers, sun lounger, umbrella, food and drink service and it is well worth it. We were literally at the water’s edge. And the water was beautiful – glass clear and warm. We spent hours floating out there using our “noodles”. Bliss.

The drinks were strong and reasonably priced and the food was really good. I had a mixed omelette for lunch which was superb.

There were lots of small fish in the shallows enjoying the warm water. They nibbled you if they could!

Tonight we had dinner in – chicken casserole – and then Bob and Dave drove to Ercan to pick daisy up from her flight. She will be tired when she arrives but then has 2 weeks on holiday.

We enjoyed our day at the beach so much, we will definitely go back again this week. The sea was just delicious.

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