Pool Day, Haircuts and a Charity Dinner

Another day in paradise…. another hot, sunfilled day…… We had a late, lazy breakfast on the terrace and then Daisy and I took to the pool. And wallowed…… Some kind guest has left us a massive floating sea horse and Daisy had a good float around on that.

Bob took everyone else off on various grooming visits. Janet had her nails done. Bob, Bob and Dave went to the Turkish barbers and had haircuts – the full works complete with eyebrow trim, ear trim and nostril trim!!! Fran accompanied them and then they all went to the farmers’ stall and bought loads of fruit including a humungous watermelon.

In the evening we had tickets to a large charity evening at the Colony Garden, a very spectacular event space run by the Arkin Colony hotel in Kyrenia. We travelled by coach which picked us up at the bottom of our hill. The sponsored event was in aid of the dog and cat spaying and neutering programme in Northern Cyprus which is trying to end the stray problem here. There must have been 400 plus people there. A lovely setting outdoors with spectacular lighting. We had our own table just for our house of 7 and also Mick and Christine, our friends and ex neighbours. We were next to Pamela’s table who we all knew and on the other side, Heather and Chris’ table.

Our ticket gave us a dinner of chicken and unlimited wine, beer and prosecco and I must say it was excellent. Quite a feat to cater so deliciously for so many and the service was stellar. The drinks just kept coming. No doubt there will be some fat heads this morning. There were 4 different singing acts to entertain us and a lot of dancing. We had a fantastic time. An enormous amount of money was raised too.

Got home at about half past midnight. Such a good day.

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