Quiet Day

We were up early to bid farewell to Fran, Dave, Janet and Bobo. Their taxi came at 8am to take them south to Larnaca and a long and tedious day of travel back to the USA. It seemed very quiet after they’d gone as we had got used to our house being full.

I changed the bedrooms around ready for John and Susan to arrive Wednesday night and Daisy moved from the twin room to her normal “turret” bedroom. It was a nice hot day again so we lay out by the pool and I swam. John came up to check the drains – all was well – and talk to Bob about some swimming pool pipe work maintenance we will do in November. Not serious but little things that will make maintenance easier.

We saw a cement mixer going up the track under our house and round the hill to somewhere up the ravine, so later in the afternoon we took a walk up there to have a nosey and see what was going on. Looks like they are building two very small modern style homes up there. Wouldn’t be my choice of location due to the winter rain runoffs but….. One plot has a massive earth cliff behind it so I hope the retaining wall is a robust one. I guess one day someone may build something above us although the land there is very difficult, massively rocky and small. Again, wouldn’t be my choice of plot but the current greed for building seems to be against all reason. If it happens we will just plant more tulip trees along the upper border and secure the privacy of the pool terrace that way. No sign as yet though…..

We ate in last night on the dining terrace. Such a treat to still be outside at night. It is still in the upper 20s in the evenings – sleeveless weather. Then we watched a film on Netflix – Reptile. It was ok…. very oddly directed and editted but enjoyable enough.

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