Another Quiet Day. Nails and John and Susan Arrive

Another quiet day today. The weather is just gorgeous – around 30C during the day, a light breeze and still 28C at 10pm. Daisy spent the morning by the pool. Bob and I had a few chores to do and a zoom with our financial advisor for our annual review. It’s never particularly good news…. well… not in the last few years anyway.

This afternoon Daisy and I went to our local nail salon and got our nails “done”. They do a very thorough job here but it inevitably takes longer than our local Vietnamese nail bar in the UK. I got mine finished with a jelly pink ombre shellac and Daisy got hers done inhigh shine bright blue. All very nice. We go to the salon next door to Soulist and Turk Bankasi five minutes from the bottom of our hill towards Lapta. They are all Russians in there and they know their nails……

Tonight John and Susan arrived from the UK for a week. Bob went to Ercan to pick them up. We have another lovely week of company ahead. They have been twice before though so probably more relaxation and less sightseeing….we shall see….

They got through the airport very quickly and were at our house by about 910. Sat on the terrace for a long time sipping drinks and talking….

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