Daisy’s Last 2 Days with Us

The weather continues to be lovely and we’ve been enjoying our pool and garden. The lemon tree is the best its ever been this year and so is the grapefruit tree. We’ve got quite a few fruit despite it’s small size. There are quite a few large butterflies around at the moment and the helicopter moths are all over the flowers. The garden is looking lovely and we feel so fortunate to have this lovely peaceful spot to relax in. It’s so quiet all around us.

Last night we went to Silver Rocks restaurant in Karsyaka and met Pamela, Eddie and Deborah for dinner. It’s another lovely waterside restaurant and the food is very good. It has been transformed in the last 15 or so years from it’s previous incarnation as Shirley Valentines restaurant which was run by a Liverpudlian lady who was undoubtedly a fantastic cook but whose liking for a tipple often made dining there an interesting experience!!!!! All very professional now and a super location with the Lapta overseas walkway just offshore.

I had grilled chicken which was tender and moist. Daisy had pepper steak. There were fish dishes and all sorts. A lovely dinner.

Today there was more pool lounging and a bit sad as Daisy goes home in the morning and we will miss her so much. Bob and John were working most of the morning on a small leak that has developed from the cistern of the downstairs loo. Then they lounged as well. Of course we had lunch on the terrace and later they all played canasta. Both men enjoyed lounging on the floating Pegasus. No photos were allowed but Bob slept on it for quite some time!!!

Tonight I came down and had a quiet time on the terrace with a g&t and some frankincense. It is such a favourite place for everyone to sit.

We went to dinner at Driftwood in Lapta for Daisy’s last dinner. They made a big fuss of us becaus they knew we’d been there for her birthday. Great steaks – 2 in blue cheese sauce, one tournedos rossini. Bob had pork chop and Susan had chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheese and served in a cream spinach sauce. All epic. Many accompanying sides.; Two bottles of red, plus water and cocktails. free starters and coffee and brandy. Amazing value.

Such a lovely day.

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