Nicosia and Hoots: John and Sue’s Last Day

We were up at 5am to drive Daisy to the airport. It was a lovely clear dark sky. We get amazing stargazing up here. Not quite as good as it used to be – there are new homes up in the village that produce a light haze, but still very good.

She got off ok and we were back at the house by about 730. Had some light breakfast by which time John an Sue were up to start the last day of their holiday and additionally, Sue’s birthday.

We drove into Nicosia and parked up by the Selimye Mosque. Took our usual route – around the indoor market, down the bazaar street to the border, back to the Great Han and a stop for coffee. It was quiet in there. A few tour groups but not as busy as it can be. It was lovely in the Han. So amazing to be sitting where so many travellers have passed by over the millenia.

We walked on, around the mosque and the little squares looking for a lunch spot. In the end we came back to the Han for a lunch of borek – the little pastries. As usual we ordered far, far too many and in truth they weren’t as tasty as usual…. still we brought some home.

Got back to the house about 230 and Bob and I had a shortish nap while Sue had a swim. They played a last game of canasta till about 5. Then Habibi came up with his builder friend to look at some jobs for us. We are going to have the master bedroom totally refreshed before we leave and also the downstairs bathroom made over. They are going to quote us.

Tonight we went up to Hoots in Ilgaz. They are closing for good in a couple of weeks after 12 very successful years. A great loss to the area. The food was fantastic as usual. I started with some calamari and then had a great skewer of bbq fish with salad. Bob and Susan had fish and chips, John had Adana kebab. All delicious. Then Susan and Bob had bakewell tart which was quite outstanding – so crisp and almondy.

Sue seemed to really enjoy her birthday and we are sorry their stay has come to an end. We’ve had such a great time with all our guests.

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