Dentists, Bathrooms and Curtains

We set off quite early for Bob’s appointment at Smile Dental Care in Kyrenia. He needs two teeth crowning and the cost at home is just skyhigh. He was intending to get them done in Goa when we are there in January but he mentioned it to our dentist here when we were out in May and she gave him a quote that wasn’t a great deal more than Palolem Dental Centre. She trained in Edinburgh and her partner is or was on the faculty there. I generally see him. Anyway, today was just to finalise arrangements. Bob will go and have the work done and temporary caps put on 20th October and then when we come back from Famagusta in early November, the proper ones will be fitted. I have made an appointment for a deep clean and scale in early November.

After that we headed off to Catalkoy to the tile outlet for Nepas Tiles. We’d gone into their main showroom a couple of days ago but Pamela had tipped us off that they have an outlet. Great tip because we found exactly what we were looking for there and much cheaper. They also had bathroom cabinets, sinks all sorts of bathroom supplies. We have already ordered our main fitments and are happy with those and the price. We chose large white and grey marble effect tiles for the walls, and a mid grey stone effect for the floor. The whole lot came to about £140 which we were very pleased with. They loaded them into the car for us and we took great care over the bumps.

After that we went back to Mermaid Fabrics to choose material for the master bedroom. It was more difficult than usual because normally they have a vast, vast selection. However because the Turkish lira is so low against the £, they have much less of a selection as they’ve had to cut back on ordering fabrics shipped from London. However, finally, we did find a lovely cotton fabric in the end for the curtains and the blind and a contrasting suede effect fabric for the upholstered headboard. The curtains are quite long and full as they must cover the double patio doors to the balcony, and the blind is a roman one. Both with blackout lining. She is also making me 2 ornate tie backs with beaded trim and 3 scatter cushions. The whole lot will be £350 which again is a great price. They always do a superb job out there whether its upholstery or curtains.

I have to take the cushion pads, blind and headboard into the shop on November 1st, after we get back from Famagusta and the whole lot will take about 2 weeks. In that time we will have the bedroom redecorated. Will put up photos when it’s all done.

After that we were very hungry so we stopped on the way home at a “kebaberie” and had some lunch. I doubt we’ll eat again today!

Bob is still under the weather with his bad cough. He’s had it for over 2 weeks now – caught it from Dave and Bob who came with it – and it’s really chesty. Like them he’s had to resort to antibiotics which we surprisingly, but thankfully, got over the counter yesterday from a chemist. I hope they help to clear it up quickly.

The weather continues very hot and we are spending afternoons by and in the pool. The pool is cooling down but it is still very nice to swim in. I think we’ve got another 3 or 4 weeks in it yet. Kids don’t mind, of course, and we’ve had them in the water on Xmas Day, but we have got a bit wimpy in our old age.

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