Lazy Cyprus Days

We’ve been very lazy the past few days – barely left the house for very long. Apart from one massive rainstorm on Sunday afternoon, the weather has been lovely and we’ve just sat around the pool, eaten lunch and dinner on the terrace….. Bob’s been binge watching the rugby and we’ve had zoom calls with friends and family.

The rain storm came out of nowhere – we’d been swimming all morning – and it was an absolute downpour. The hill road to the side of our house turned into a river as the rain cascaded down….. It was spectacular to watch – from inside of course.

Today we went to Escape Beach for the day. It’s probably our last visit to the Beach Club this year as they generally close around the end of October and next week we will be in Famagusta all week. It was a lovely day – the beach was very quiet and the water was deliciously glassy. Some of the little biting fish were there and true to form, they had a nibble at Bob but left me totally alone. Odd thing.

Came back and swam in the pool to rinse off – just gorgeous weather for so late in October. We are still enjoying being outside at night on the terrace.

Bob has fitted some new plug sockets around the house. They are double plug sockets but they also have a USB and a USB-C socket in them too. Useful for charging devices or running them on power. There is one in each of the bedrooms and one in the kitchen. We will bring out some more in the spring as we can see they will be most useful.

We are having the late fig season which is a short one. I bought some lovely figs which I have been eating for breakfast with natural yoghurt and a little honey and granola. All totally forbidden on my diet of course but heyho it’s only for a little while and I have lost over 30 lbs of blubber now.

Habib the Gardener came up this morning and began trimming the hedges and bushes. We will need a big tree prune late in the autumn in order that the big trees in the lower garden don’t detract from the sea view. We have to do it every year now. It is lovely in the summer shade down there though under the trees.

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