Haircut Day

This morning I had booked a haircut at my local salon, about 6 minutes drive from the house. It’s in the same strip of shops as Soulist Bar, TurkBank, my nail bar and also a pretty good butcher. The salon is called Ali’s and it’s down the hill, turn left and then turn right into the shopping strip at the Golden Lady junction. I’ve been going there for years. Ali trained abroad and he really knows how to cut short hair. It’s a precision cut. Anyway…. when I booked up, Ali was in Turkey….. ahhhhhhhhh! — his wife assured me that the other stylist – Genghis – “was everything”…. Bit nervous but armed with my photos taken after my last amazing cut by Beccie at Saffron Hair in Hythe, I went along. No worries… Genghis was “everything”. He gave me a great cut – not better than Beccie – but damn close and it was less than £10. Seriously…… Anyway, very pleased with the result.

We went home and did some jobs – it was another lovely day. I did washing… Bob put in 2 new plug sockets. We ate lunch out on the terrace. Later on we drove down and went to Mr Pound. I wanted some skin creams – face feeling a bit dry. Bob was looking for wood glue and some other manly stuff!!

Tonight we bbq’d out – local burgers and sausages from home. Really nice meal and still so warm to eat outside. Beautiful night.

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