Canasta Club

We had another massive rain storm overnight. Absolutely torrenting down and with lightning out to sea. We often get the odd storm this time of year as the summer begins to give way to autumn. I got up at about 1am and had a look out of the window. It was biblical out there. Luckily we had pulled in all the cushions last night but I am always a bit concerned about the gourd lamps on the dining terrace. They are moderately waterproof and the awning gives them some protection but still….. they seemed to be ok. Another concern was the fact that we havent yet put our drainpipe extenders on ready for the winter rains. Our house was clearly built by some optimistic local builder who took a casual approach to guttering and downpipes. So, all of our downpipes – as is common here to be fair – open about 2 inches off the ground allowing roof water to drain away into the soil…. or wherever the downpipe ends. Unfortunately two of the downpipes open onto the little balconies outside 2 of the bedrooms. Roof water shoots out and flows across the marble tiles and then runs down from the edge of the balcony into literal waterfalls that run down the walls of the ground floor and onto the dining terrace. This does not have a good longterm effect on the walls of the ground floor……

So, a couple of years ago, Bob devised an ingenious device to attach to the end of said balcony downpipes. It consists of a long thick flexible tube that goes over the end of the downpipe, out across the terrace roof beams till it is over the garden beneath. He attaches it to the beams and the outer pillars with cable ties. It works like a dream. In the wet season, the rain is diverted from the house to the garden and in the long dry season we can easily remove the rather strange looking devices….. but….. they’re not on yet because it’s not supposed to be that wet yet….

This afternoon Bob went off to his weekly canasta clubt the Blue Song restaurant in Lapta. He had a brilliant time and was partnered with some lovely people from the UK, USA and Belgium. He and his partner won every game. Quite the international affair – a lot of people from the Foreign Residents Associaion go to it. Much more multi-national than the British Residents Society – we are members of both. He paid for our TFR Christmas dinner dance tickets while he was there. A very fun night out – black tie with a European flavour – which takes place at the Deniz Kizi hotel on the 2nd December shortly before we come back to the UK. We try and go every year. After that he called in at the Tulips Charity Shop and paid for our tickets to the Whirling Dervish show at Bellapais Abbey on the 7th November.

I, on the other hand, had a very leisurely afternoon at home. I lay out by the pool for a long time – the day was very sunny after all that rain – and read my book and I walked around the garden. Excited to find that the little orange tree we planted this time last year – it is a thin sprig really at the moment – has an actual orange on it!!!!!! In combination with the large number of lemons and grapefruit on the way I think I will be making some Villa Rockheart marmalade and jam again before we leave.

Settled in for another evening of tv. We are watching the Steve Coogan Jimmy Saville drama series. It makes horrid but compelling watching. I could never stomach Saville and I dont like Steve Coogan much either so it really works for me, and I must say he has got him down pat. To decompress afterwards, we will watch Bake Off.

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