A Fish Lunch by Kyrenia Roman Harbour

Absolutely beautiful day today. Would have been a fantastic pool or beach day but we were out and about.

Firstly, an errand for a neighbour in Kyrenia which took us up to lunchtime. Bob had a dental appointment at 2pm so we decided to have lunch in town rather than go home and come back. A few weeks ago we noticed that the Hur Deniz fish restaurant that we have eaten at a few times in Karaoglanoglu had opened a location around the back of Kyrenia Castle, overlooking the Roman Harbour. It looked so lovely we resolved to try it, and this was our opportunity today. It was easy to park behind the castle and indeed traffic was light down there anyway.

The Roman Harbour is at the rear of the castle ie the other side to the famous Old Harbour. There is little to be seen these days, just a lovely small bay with some evidence of stone moles in the sea. In the castle there is an ancient shipwreck 4th century BC which was found just offshore.

Under the castle walls there is a lovely walkway and it is on this that the restaurant sits, with tables under umbrellas and trees. We were the only ones there for lunch which was lovely for us. No idea why. The food was great and reasonably priced for such a prime location. Perhaps like us, many people don’t know it’s there.

Service was friendly and prompt and we both chose fried calamari with a shepherd’s salad. The portions were massive. We could happily have shared a plate. Anyway, it was all delicious and quite idyllic to eat there looking out over the blue water. Very inviting. Would certainly go back.

After lunch we drove to the dentist, Smilecare, and I sat on their shady terrace whilst poor Bob had the preparitory work done for 2 top molars to be capped. He said it was uncomfortable but not painful as she shot him through with novocaine. He has temporary caps on now and the real ones will be fitted on November 3rd. We were home by about 330.

Tonight we ate dinner at Driftwood with a lovely gang of friends: Pamela and Eddie, Deborah and David, Mike and Linda, Chris and Heather. Lots of chat. Lots of chat about travel. We are all inveterate travellers. Next time we see some of them we will be in Patnem. We are all so lucky to be in good health and able to afford to travel. Dinner was ok. I had sea bass which was nice but not exciting. Some people had special steaks which were special in that they were huge but also toothbreakingly tough. Inedible and removed from the bill. Driftwood will have to watch that. Can’t afford to rest on past glories……

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