Autumn Days in Cyprus: Food and Fruit

Saturday was a good, warm sunny day which we spent around the pool. The weather started to change that evening as the wind began to blow very strongly, something that has continued till about lunchtime today. We have also had some lightning out at sea and a few very heavy showers. All this signals that the hot summer weather is really coming to an end and true autumn is beginning. On the plus side, the wind brings clear air and the stars have been brilliant over the weekend and views to Turkiye, very clear. Lovely views.

Last night we went to dinner with Heather and Chris. We visited a new (only to us) restaurant up in Karmi village, called Treasure. Karmi is a very traditional village due east of us in Ilgaz, roughly the same height up the mountain. Treasure has a superb location, literally hanging off the mountainside with a massive terrace giving views all along the north coast. Inside are two lovely traditional dining rooms both heated with woodburning stoves. We had a fantastic dinner – the food was very good. I started with a mushroom pate with garlic crostini, Bob had tomato bruschetta, Chris had smoked salmon pate, and Heather had the same as me. All so delicious. For mains, Heather and I both went for the lamb chops with a side of cauliflower cheese, Bob had mushroom risotto and Chris had lasagne. Again all excellent, especially the cauliflower cheese. Greedily we all decided on dessert….. Bob and I had afrogato, Heather and Chris shared apple crumble with custard. We had several drinks each and coffees to end.

My only criticism of the place is that the waiting staff are very very inexperienced and they really haven’t got it together at all. You have to manage them quite firmly. They badly need a restaurant manager there to train and supervise the young staff. Great evening though and very enjoyable company too. We would definitely go back again particularly in the summer months when dining on the terrace and enjoying those views would be sublime. Thanks to Chris and Heather for suggesting we ate there.

Today we went down to Kyrenia for a few errands. We took the opportunity to walk down to the Old Harbour, which has been closed for nearly 2 years now undergoing a huge renovation. The work has been slow for a number of reasons but one has been the discovery of ancient structures and historical railtracks running alongside the harbour. The work is almost complete. They are just fitting the streetlights and some other “tittivating” type jobs. It looks really great. I daresay there will be a grand opening. It will be interesting to see which of the restaurants that used to be there, will re-open. Apparently they will not be allowed to have tables right next to the water anymore. Interesting.

We walked on around the edge of the harbour watching the rough, but beautiful, sea roaring in aganst the sea wall and crashing over…. spectacular.

By the time we got back home, the wind seems to have dropped again. Its lovely and sunny but definitely a few degrees cooler – around 21C.

I had begun a batch of lemon marmalade last night. The slices were soaking in water overnight. I boiled them up and added the sugar and boiled again to the setting point. Got quite a few jars fillled. Oh dear…. it only took 4 lemons!!!!! I will make some lemon and ginger too I think. And also make some jars of preserved lemons which are very useful for middle eastern cookery. The rest will freeze well…. The fruit season is amazing here. We are just enjoying another fig harvest. I love figs for breakfast with the thick local yoghurt and a squeeze of honey. Washed down with some strong Nespresso of course.

Tonight that chilly wind started up again. Too much to eat outside but still ok for a bbq. Bob made us burgers, sausage, sweet green peppers and I did some slow caramilised onions. Yum. A good day.

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