Seven Dwarves at Last, Farewell to Daisy and South

Seven Dwarves at Last, Farewell to Daisy and South
Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL

We were up and about at 6 finishing off the packing ready to go. Had breakfast and then moved all our luggage except for Daisy’s around to the Cypress Harbour Luggage store. Then set off to the Magic Kingdom for a last short visit. We had 4 fastpasses booked including the paper one for any ride given to us when the Seven Dwarves Mining Train faulted on us a few nights ago.
It was already in the high 90s and we knew the park was going to be at peak numbers today. It was very crowded at the arrival areas but once inside things were not so bad. It did very much help that we were only attempting to ride our fastpass rides so the length of other lines was largely immaterial.
We rode on Buzz Lightyear’s Adventure and shot down aliens. I was rubbish at it. We then hurried to the Seven Dwarves Train ride. It was closed due to at technical fault! Were we doomed never to experience this attraction??? We walked across the park and road Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. At this point we were hungry and stopped off for a shared strawberry waffle and coffees. Following this sugary treat we returned to the Seven Dwarves and found that the ride was functional. Walked right on and lo and behold actually managed to ride it!!!! And after all this trying, to be honest it was a bit average. Vey pretty theming inside where you ride through their mine all filled with jewels , and at the end where you see them dancing in a cottage with Snow White, the wicked queen being outside. But the train itself was very very slow at some points and not very exciting at all. If I’d queued for 75 minutes I’d have been very disappointed.
Our final attraction today was a return to Space Mountain which was exciting. Then we were out of the park by 11 and on our way to Blizzard Beach
That too was really packed but we managed to find three lounges. It was blistering hot. Bob and I just got on the lazy river rings and stayed circling the place for nearly 2 hours. Then we all had lunch and enjoyed the big pool before a last circuit or two all three of us this time. All too soon it was 345 and we headed off to the showers and changing rooms. Daisy got changed for her flight and we for our trip south to Delray.
Took Daisy to the airport for 5pm and saw her checked in. She was so sorry to leave but that dissertation needs writing and she has a job telephone interview tomorrow too. Sad to see her go though. And so we are two….
We headed back to the condo and picked up our luggage and then turned south for the 185ish mile trip to Delray. It took us longer to get of of Orlando than we expected but with a food break we got to Harriet”s house at 945. So tired. It was lovely to see her and we had good chats and also managed to get the wifi going whch had stalled for reasons unknown. Harriet was the mother of my exchange family back in 1971 and I lived as a member of the Deitz’s family for a year and attended high school. We tragically lost Lisa , her daughter and my exchange sister 20 years ago but all remain close especially with Danny and Michael, Lisa’s two sons. So, we will be in Delray for 5 days, no doubt sleeping a lot and resting our wounded feet Lucy has returned to building trouble so no doubt that will feature too……

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