Rest! And Sushi with Ricky and Suzy

Rest! And Sushi with Ricky and Suzy
Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL

We had a really good sleep in and then with no parks to visit we sat around all day chatting and catching up with Harriet. It was bliss!!!! Bob popped out for a few bits and bobs. He’s booked some golf for this week too. There are so many courses around here and as it is out of season (summer is low season) they are really cheap. Bob is playing one for about $18 today which includes the cart. Next week he will play even more.
Very good to be with Harriet. She is so amazing for being 86 years old. Still as lively as ever. A bit slower of step of course.
It’s definitely a little cooler here than in Orlando but not by much. Poor Harriet’s a/c started to malfunction about lunchtime and she called the repair company out but they can’t come until tomorrow. She put on an Oscar winning performance of coughing and gasping but no dice for an earlier visit. We are running it off and on and together with the fans it is ok. If it got worse we can all decamp to Buddy’s house or to a hotel!! In England we die from cold. Here you die from the heat.
In the evening we drove to Boca Raton just 5 miles up the road to Ricky and Suzi’s house. Ricky is a friend from West Orange where I spent my exchange year when I was 17. He was close friends with Lisa and with Jerry her boyfriend and then husband. We lost touch for decades, reconnected with Facebook about 3 years ago. They have a lovely eclectic house full of art and a most amazing tropical garden which Ricky has spent 17 years developing and growing. So many plants and each nook and cranny full. Orchids growing from trees….. An amazing place. We even saw an alligator in the lake behlnd the house. Anyway, Ricky and Suzy got married since our last visit so there was catching up to do on that and on various travels. Then we went out for sushi which was delicious as usual. A very good evening.

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