Another Lazy Day!

1.1435327259.harriet-momAnother Lazy Day!
Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach, FL

Well, today was very sluglike! Bob went off to a local golf club for a round this morning. It was a real bargain. If you played at 1030 onwards (once the HEAT was in full crank) it was only $15 including the cart. He said it was a really pretty course, not huge drives but very nice. Mostly par 4. He was very thrilled to go around in 84 and paring a lot of holes. Not bad for a spasmodic player. He’s going back again tomorrow as he enjoyed it so much.
Harriet and I ran out to Walmart to get a few supplies but otherwise we were in waiting for the a/c guy to come. The unit was leaking A LOT and the house got quite hot as we had to keep turning it off. The man eventually came at about 6pm and he hoovered it all out. Apparently it was a blocked drainage pipe causing all the trouble. So wonderful to crank it back up!
Watched a lot of cookery programmes while we were trapped in. Most of them were very odd and not to UK taste. Very sweet stuff in the main. e.g. salads made of pineapple, mini marshmallows, tangerines and coconut, welded together with mayo.
Had several FT chats with the girls which was great. Lu had been to the flat and building is now back on track and proceeding really well. She hopes to have it complete by the end of next week and move in on the 5th July. Daisy was back on campus. She has had her tax refund from the IR so that should take her on through the summer very well. Not having much luck with a summer job but has just applied for one with Waterstones.