Farewell to Delray and Yay Whammy We’re in Miami!

1.1435773099.pool-area-at-the-marriott-doralFarewell to Delray and Yay Whammy We’re in Miami!
Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Finished off the packing, had breakfast and spent the morning chatting to Harriet. We have had such a lovely stay with her and she is so very kind and hospitable. Cooked us wonderful meals and made us so welome.
Bob was debating another golf round before we left but he decided it was likely to rain and time would be better spent at home. In the event he was very right as it poured down all morning in Delray. Very much needed too. It really rains when it rains in Florida. Like someone is putting a high speed washer on the house.
We set off for Miami after lunch and the rain stopped until we reached the outskirts of the city when it went very dark and then deluged down again. Very difficult driving conditions and everyone had to slow right down to proceed. We ploughed on through and it stopped again as we reached the Marriott.
This property used to have a Marriott Hotel right next door on the famous Doral golf courses. Now the hotel and golf courses are owned by Trump and so although we have access to them all and the hotel facilities at discount, unfortunately no discount golf any more. There are 4 or 5 courses including the Blue Monster and they are all pretty expensive. I mean like $200+ per round. Even off season. In fact the Blue Monster is $250 pp plus mandatory caddy so I am sure Bob won’t be playing that. He might have a go at the Silver which is $115 pp and you don’t have to have a caddy. There is a complimentary 2 hour golf clinic every night which he will probably go to as well. In any case there are loads of courses around here so he can probably find a cheap place like in Delray where the public courses were so very nice
We checked in and our condo is on the round floor overlooking a lake and very near the pool. There is an outside patio with dining area and just beyond are some gas grills so I can see some bbq’s coming up. Not tonight though as it began torrenting down again like a Monsoon. And we have thunder and lightening. So I think we will stay in tonight and let it all pass over. The villa itself is ok. Marriott always comes with a certain basic level which is excellent and I would say this is at that level. It is not as nice as the ones we have stayed in elsewhere with Marriott, or at least a little bit older. Some odd things like no full hanging in the closets (maybe you are just meant to bring golf clothes!!!) and the cutlery tray doesn’t fit in any drawer so it’s out on the counter top. Marriott showers are generally walk in affairs with glass doors. These are the usual walk ins but they have curtains not doors. Still, its very good and plenty of space. We have two bedrooms as we wanted to give Harriet the option of coming down with us. She decided against that but we will see her again in Melbourne on the 5th when we visit Frannie and Dave.
So we are all unpacked and settled in for the evening. We have our dry groceries from our stay in Orlando and Harriet has sent us off with meatballs and all sorts. We are here for a week now

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