Pool Day

The Planning is Almost Finished Travels with Allie.

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  1. The Planning is Almost Finished
  2. Our Last Day
  3. Lunch at Horseshoe Bay and a Black Tie Dinner
  4. Turkish Hammam vs Hospital Visit
  5. Summer is Here!

The weather was just too nice today! We decided we should make the most of it and just hang out at the pool. So, that’s what we did. Had a lovely relaxing time, sunning, swimming, reading…… Stuart did 40 laps today.

We stayed at the pool till about 415 and then came back. Later I made margaritas again – lord, they were good. I’ve got the ratio right this time. And later on we had Bob’s mega chilli with all the trimmings for dinner. So good. He made it this morning and then let it steep. Perfect.

Tomorrow Fi and I are off to the nail salon. I need a manicure as it’s now been a month since I had them done in Cyprus. Too scared to go to the one in Folkestone in case I compromised my travel covid test. The fellas have their own plans while we’re in there. I think it involves Dennys and Walmart……